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As the lead in-house Drupal 8 developer I helped create new features, maintain updates and security, implement template changes and updates, support content creation staff, help maintain server infrastructure, and much more.  

This major Drupal 8 web application had over 4,000 pages and peaked out at over 600 simultaneous users during our yearly championship.  For part of this work experience I worked with powerhouse outside development agencies like Phase 2 and Splashlabs.


A Drupal informational site for a Portland-based auto repair maintenance and repair business.  Patrick was a solo developer on this project.

Screenshot of PDX Auto repair

Client Dexter M. had a variety of Tshirt and apparel ideas he wanted to bring to life and sell to the world.  To this end we created a fabulous Drupal Commerce web application.  Patrick worked as part of a small team on this project.

Big D Apparel screenshot 1 , Big D Apparel screenshot 2

A Drupal web application created to facilitate room sharing and roommate finding.  This paid subscription service heavily leveraged Drupal's rules to maintain access levels based on paid subscription status.  Patrick developed this site as part of a small team and like so many projects helped with all aspects of development including server, Drupal config, and more.

Let's Share Housing Screenshot 1 , Let's Share Housing Screenshot 2

A Drupal web application to help seniors find their perfect living arrangement.  The back end includes complex CRM tools to help staffers maintain a massive database of seniors and available living opportunities.  Patrick worked on this project as part of a small team, and helped with all full stack duties including server admin, front and back end, and even some custom module development.  This site also utilizes a variety of contrib modules from the Drupal communities, one of many sites Patrick has worked on that have used 3rd party contributed modules.

Adult Placement Network Screenshot 1 , Adult Placement Network Screenshot 2

Perfect Place

Showcasing the versatility of Drupal, this client had an extensive CRM tool set developed to fit her business needs.  Realizing how useful these tools would be to others in this industry, she conceived of a special Drupal package that included this CRM backend.  Patrick created this site as a solo project, but some of the technology that was used was previously developed by Patrick and others as a team.

Perfect Place screenshot

One of the more interesting businesses Patrick has worked for is Locates Down Under, an underground ground penetrating radar locating service.  Client Carson S. is a pioneer in the industry of underground radar and other technologies that are used for a variety of purposes, most of them related to the construction industry, such as locating an underground pipe that is broken or locating a structural deficiency buried behind a wall of concrete.  Patrick handled all parts of this project on his own as a solo project, including linux admin, front and back end Drupal development, and graphic design.  

Locates Down Under screenshot

A Drupal Commerce based Drupal site for a variety of products.  Patrick Mandigo headed a small team that covered development, graphics, content, server administration, and a lot more. 

NW Dabs screenshot 1 , NW Dabs screenshot 2

A Drupal informational website for a Restaurant and Bar.  This site uses a variety of contributed modules.  This was a solo Drupal project where Patrick covered everything from server admin to Drupal backend to front end content, theming, and much more.

The Nitehawk Cafe and Lounge screenshot

A Drupal website for a pool cleaning company.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where Patrick handled all full stack responsibilities from server admin to Drupal config, cleaning, and most of the content.  Patrick also assisted the staff with learning how to edit and create their own content.

Wetkatpool Screenshot

Pattered after famous internet news & comedy sites, client Jake W. wanted to do his own news and comedy site.  He conceived of LochNewsMonster and I dutifully designed and built the site to his specifications using Drupal.  Jake posts interesting and humorous takes on the days news and politics and collects a small amount of ad revenue (google adsense).  The site uses a combination of custom content types and views to allow him to easily add articles without any html knowledge.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where Patrick handled all full stack duties from server admin to drupal config both front and back end.

Loch News Monster screenshot

A Drupal site for a Halloween event.  This site was informational and also had some ecommerce capabilities to sell tickets.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where he handled all aspects of development.

Screenshot of Erotic Zombie Ball

A Drupal site for a veterinary clinic.  Patrick worked as part of a small team helping with server admin, and all things Drupal, front and back end.

Companion Pet Screenshot

Passionstar Music

A Drupal site for a great client from the bay area in California.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where Patrick handled all aspects of this project.  Especially innovative is the custom music player pages designed and implemented by Patrick.

Passionstar Music screenshot 1 , Passionstar Music screenshot 2

Channel 23 Productions

A Drupal site created for a local sound rental and event promotion company.  This was a solo project where Patrick handled server admin, front and back end of Drupal, and graphic design.

Channel 23 Productions screenshot

Client Phillip T. has several businesses and needed a fabulous ecommerce solution to sell credit card swipers.  Drupal and Drupal commerce came to the rescue!  Sales have been great for this client.  

Netcoemv Screenshot
See it live:

The Faster Hauling

A website for a local hauling company.

Faster Hauling screenshot.

Clydo Sports Football

An ecommerce Drupal website for an ingenious light up toy football.  This was a solo project where Patrick handled server admin, front and back end development, and even some graphic design.

Clydo Sports Ball screenshot

A Drupal site running Drupal commerce to sell chemistry glassware.  Rolf W. is a gifted German-American chemist who envisioned glassware that would provide superior chemical reactions.  This site utilizes Drupal commerce and is multilanguage, German and English.  This was a solo project where Patrick handled server admin, front and back end development, and some graphic design.

Nordland Glas screenshot , Nordland Glas screenshot

Client Sean G. owns a local restaurant and catering company.  We set him up with a Drupal site to show the world his great food and great service.  Patrick worked as a small team to create this site, and helped with everything from server setup to Drupal front and back end.

Campbells BBQ screenshot

This is a Drupal site for a local pet services company.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where Patrick covered server/linux admin, Drupal back end config, and front end content and theming. 

Pet Crew screenshot 1 , Pet Crew screenshot 2

The Scruffs

The Scruffs were another famous music act we had the pleasure of working with.  

The Scruffs screenshot

Premiere Pet Pampering

Premiere Pet Pampering screenshot , Cat photo

Mess Maid Right NW

Mess Maid Right NW screenshot.

Andrew Buys Houses

A reality website created for a client that buys and sells houses.  This was a solo project where Patrick handled all full stack duties, linux admin, Drupal front and back end, etc.

Andrew Buys Houses screenshot.

Rudy's Gourmet Pizza

When we have a client that is a little bit famous we have to tout them as much as possible.  Rudy's Gourmet Pizza is a long time client and a great local business.  Their site is running Drupal 6 and they edit their own content.

Rudy's Pizza screenshot

A music website for a rap artist.

Deuce 1 screenshot

Somali Bantu Youth Coalition

Youth coalition screenshot

DJ Trevor Vichas

DJ Trevor Vichas screenshot

A music related site.

Moprocrew screenshot

Half of the 90s Hiphop sensation EPMD, Parish Smith and crew had multiple billboard top 40 hits.  They're still big today, as exemplified by their 33k facebook likes on their website.

Parish Smith website screenshot.

Christian Family Adoption

A website for a nice Christian family that wanted to adopt a baby.

Christian Family Adoption

Another fun Drupal site for another local organization, a classic car club!  These guys don't just show off their vintage cars, they race them.

Westcoast Vintage Racers screenshot

A local landscaping company.  A great client and a fun site even though it's non-responsive Drupal 6.  PS. It just told me it thinks you're unresponsive so I guess there are accusations all around.

Living Elements Landscape screenshot

Small Bizz Buzz

Small Bizz Buzz screenshot

Dragonfly Discovery

DFD screenshot

Garage Band Theory

GBT screenshot , GBT screenshot 2

Marin Section on Aging

MSOA screenshot

AAF Guide Service

AAF screenshot

National Small Business Association

NSBA Screenshot

Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery screenshot

A website for an architect. 

Neyle Hunter Design screenshot

St. Aidan's Gresham

A website for a church congregation in Gresham, OR.  Site included an extensive gallery system that allowed the congregation's leaders to easily add pictures to the website by the hundreds.

St. Aidans Gresham screenshot

Fashion Under 50 dollars

Fashion under 50 dollar screenshot

Oregon Wholesale Properties

Realty website.

Oregon Wholesale Homes screenshot

An ecommerce site selling "Island" flavored spices.

Spices of Jamaica screenshot , Spices of Jamaica screenshot 2

A cleaning supply company.

Hanset Brothers screenshot

A Drupal site for a local consulting agency.

2iic Consult screenshot

A Drupal website for an electronic music producer and DJ.  This was a solo project by Patrick Mandigo where Patrick handled almost everything except some client that was edited and added by the client. screenshot

Perfect Place Sample

A Drupal site developed by Patrick Mandigo as a solo project for a long time client.

Perfect Place Sample site screenshot